GPU LHR (Low hashrate / light hashrate) list

In order to improve the availability of graphics cards for normal users and PC gamers, Nvidia has decided to reissue their new graphics cards based on the RTX 3000 architecture as LHR variants. LHR stands for light hashrate or low hashrate. The LHR graphics cards only achieve half of the computing power in certain algorithms. Mainly the LHR graphics cards were introduced to limit the performance in the ethash (Dagger-Hashimoto) algorithm of Ethereum, as this is currently the most widely used algorithm.

Algorithms affected by Nvidias LHR:

Coin Algorithm Affected Average LHR Performance
Beam (BEAM) BeamHashIII No 100 %
BitcoinGold (BTG) Zhash No 100 %
BitTubeCash (TUBE) CuckooCycle No 100 %
Conflux (CFX) Octopus No 100 %
Ergo (ERG) Autolykos v2 Yes 60 %
Ethereum (ETH) ethash Yes 50 %
EthereumClassic (ETC) etchash Yes 50 %
Firo (FIRO) MTP Yes 80 %
Flux (FLUX) ZelHash No 100 %
Ravencoin (RVN) KawPoW No 100 %
Ycash (YEC) EquihashZero No 100 %
Vertcoin (VTC) Verthash Yes 40 %

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